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This company did a wonderful job on my terrazzo floors. I love terrazzo floors because they are cool in the summer, they match any décor, and they wipe up easy if something is spilled on them. My floors are 50 years old and I decided to help the economy and help myself by getting my terrazzo floors washed, shined, and polished. I invested in labor made in America. I wasn’t disappointed.  Chris gave me an estimate based on square footage. He came and spent most of the day working their magic on my old, worn out floors. I am so happy I had this done. My floors are spit-shined beautiful. I would recommend Complete Clean Service to any one!"
Mrs. L, Winter Park, Fl
Chris-our client was very happy with the job done on her floors-your hard work made us look good as well...thanks for the awesome work
Bill P, Bradenton, Fl
"My 50 year old floors look NEW! Thanks, Doc!
K Huneycutt, Tampa, FL
Reasonably priced, showed up ON TIME, excellent results, very happy, thank you!
Greg W., Deltona, fl
Nice job! I didn't have the funds to put wood floors in, thankfully-I am extremely happy with my terrazzo floors-you did a really nice job-please tell your staff thank you too...I will be calling you to do my bedrooms in the future!
Nicole S, Winter Park, Fl
Chris and Dr Terrazzo- Just a quick note to thank you for the great job on my terrazzo. I would never have thought that my old floor could look so nice-everything turned out the way you said, but I have to say it still looks great considering a 58 year old floor
Regards, J Aguilera, Tallahassee, Fl
Chris-Wanted to let you know that the terrazzo turned out nicely in our home...my daughters and I will be enjoying it for a long time hopefully! Being next to the beach, it goes with the theme of our home, and will be much easier to take care of-I'm so happy, and again thank you!
M Donnelly, Ormond Bch, Fl
Hello, Dr Terrazzo!, (Chris) Thanks for the job on our terrazzo-being in New York, we had to take a chance and have our terrazzo job done "across state lines,:)-the floors turned out nice, and we're glad we used you! Other peopel in our condo have looked at it, and I have passed your name on to others-thanks again for working with us-bets of luck to you and your business!
Debbie B, Cocoa Beach, Fl/ Long Island, NY
"Chris, thanks again for the AWESOME job on our floors-we didn't know whether to install wood on top of the floors, but decided to go with the terrazzo restoration. So glad we did! My wife and I are very happy-very professional from start to finish, and the results exceeded our expectations! Our floors look awesome and we couldn't be happier...thanks again to you and your crew!"
R Barnett, Palm Beach Shores, Fl
"I apologize it has taken me so long, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the floors at my mom and dad's house.  I am so pleased with the final results.  I will spread the word!"
Donna Karolick, Melbourne
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